Purvis Young No More Truth Than The Illusions Of MyDreams: Don Quijote, El Ingenioso Caballero de La Mancha

Urban artist Purvis Young (1943-2010) grew up on the rough and tumble streets of Miami’s inner city neighborhood known as “Overtown”.  An at-risk youth, his early years were spent in and out of prison with charges ranging from Breaking & Entering to Vietnam War protestor. During one of his brief stints behind bars, Young picked up a paintbrush and began to chronicle contemporary society’s ills. Many of the same social issues still confronting us today; economic oppression, endless wars, racial profiling, transmigration, political polarization, religious zeitgeist. 
No More Truth……in specific explores Young’s relationship with the iconic images illustrating Miguel de Cervantes’ canonical novel of Don Quijote.
Finding inspiration in the art books of Dalí, Doré, Picasso and Daumier, the self-taught Young reinterprets with great pride and personal conviction the encounters of knight-errant Don Quijote.
Often said, “I have these dreams where I ride as a warrior on horseback with the great Shaka Zulu” and “My Father sent me here to paint the world’s problems”, Young’s messages offer us a glimpse of hope and optimism in the tireless fight of good versus evil whether in reality or merely in our mind...


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